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    Don’t listen to me, listen to my clients and their successes…

    Constant support and advice so I never feel alone. Jonny is always on hand with expert tips that make things easy to follow meaning I can put everything into my training with the right knowledge behind me.


    I would highly recommend Jonny to anyone who is considering an online coach. Jonnys constant support and pragmatic outlook towards my life style and results has helped me for the first time in a very long time to take control and be accountable to my weight loss and fitness goals.


    Jonny is a very knowledgeable and also is physically fit himself so is able to demonstrate how the exercise should be done. So I automatically had respect for what he was advising me on and made me want to gain approval from him. That also made me train harder and squeeze more out of me than if I had trained on my own.


    Jonny, has been invaluable to me for my training needs. He has been my go to coach for advice on training technique, recovery, niggling injuries and diet. Over the past two years I’ve gained muscle and lost body fat and my strength has improved dramatically. I’m 48 years old now, and working with the likes of Jonathan Lea I have been more confident in my body, had more energy and do more activities.

    Lee Darwin

    I had the pleasure of being coached by Johnny and his knowledge and experience with S&C and also nutrition and supplements.
    I started at 108kg and over a12 week program dropped over 10-12 kg.

    When first started

    Bench was 95kg now 128.5kg
    Squat was 115 and now 160
    Dead lift 170 and now 230kg

    Lee Blood

    Jonny’s knowledge is second to none, always on hand to answer any questions on nutrition, technique or execution. He provides great support and guidance.


    Jonny genuinely cares about you and your goals. He gives sounds advice on training and nutrition. No fads or snake oil from him. He gives evidence based advice that will create results.


    I enjoyed my time training with Jonny. He was always motivating and encouraging in workouts, always trying to get the most out of clients. I lost body fat and increased muscle mass during the training. He was always willing to give his time to help develop technique when lifting and create modifications to the workouts when injured. He offered support when struggling with nutrition. I feel I have more understanding and confidence when training and lifting. I wouldn’t hesitate to work with Jonathon again, he’s friendly, approachable and committed to getting the best results for you.


    What’s Involved?

    Goal setting

    This is a joint decision that is made by me and you. Goal setting is the first way I will keep you accountable to your program and it is essential for progression. Setting goals that are attainable but also long term goals that you can strive for. Goal setting offers you a clear direction of where you are going and what needs to be done to get you there.

    Bespoke training plan

    Fully structured training plan that takes into account your individual goal, the demand of your lifestyle, exercise selection, exercise order and volume amongst an array of other variables to fully personalise the plan to an individual.

    Tailored Nutrition

    I use an approach called flexible dieting, which does involve a commitment to tracking your calories. The reason I advocate calorie tracking is because it is ​HIGHLY ACCURATE ​and a really effective tool to get ​RESULTS​. Individual targets will be given based ultimately on your goal but derived from your height, your weight, your age and activity level.

    Daily contact

    I like to talk to clients daily to see how they are getting on with the program and any issues they may have. This allows issues to be ironed out in real time which is crucial to getting the results you want.

    Weekly Adjustments

    This is the second way I hold clients to account and make sure they are on plan, doing the right things to get the results. I will formally check in with your program once a week to ensure you are still progressing towards your goal. I will review and adjust your plan based on your progress, so you can keep continually moving forward.

    My goal is to inspire you to reach yours.

    I know from my own experience with training and nutrition how much BS is out there and how frustrating it can be navigating the abundance of misinformation. Every minute you spend of your time trawling the internet for answers on how to build more muscle, how to lose body fat, how to improve your physique without a well structured progressive plan backed by evidence and expertise is a total waste of your time and money.

    If you add up all the hours you have spent in the gym, listening to podcasts, watching YouTube videos or the money you have spent on members sites, supplements, one-off diet and training plans it all adds up.
    You could save your self 1000s in time and money by just investing in a coach that uses proven training and nutrition systems that get clients results and ultimately get you the results you deserve.

    If you are ready to start your transformation, apply for my coaching now.


    Allow me to coach and support you through your journey to achieving the results you deserve.


    If not you then who? If not now then when? Be proactive and take action every single day striving to get better. A little progress is still progress.

    Reach your goals

    With hard work and the right guidance you can reach your goal and when you do don’t forget to share your successes and tag me so I can see your transformation.