I empower clients to build their confidence, knowledge and physique to new levels.

Jonathon Lea Coaching is an online body transformation and personal training coach. I have dedicated 10 years of my life to sport, health and fitness working with a wide variety of clients getting them to achieve life-changing, sustainable results. I call upon my years of knowledge, education and working with real people just like you to provide an unrivalled service to my clients.

Jonathon Lea

Meet your coach

I am an an experienced coach with five years experience working in the industry. I specialise in empowering individuals just like you to achieve the body they have always wanted.

Experience and Qualifications:

Sport and Exercise Science BSc, Hons University of Birmingham
REPS – Level 2 Gym Instructor
REPS – Level 3 Personal Trainer
UKSCA – Foundations of Strength and Conditioning
UKSCA – Weightlifting for Performance
UKSCA – Plyometrics, Speed & Agility
UKSCA – Planning Effective Programmes
Brodrick Chavez Physique Prep TRA Performance Seminars
Functional Range Conditioning FRCert coach
Kinstretch Functional Anatomy seminar

Why choose an online coach?

#1 – Tailored Training and Nutrition Plan

90% of people that contact me have no structure, no plan and just complete programs they’ve found on Google.

#2 – holding you accountable

You have someone there who cares about your goal as much as you do, checking in on you, keeping you motivated and giving you that kick up the arse when you need it!

#3 – flexibility

We tailor your plan together! Centered around your lifestyle, training availability and daily routines.


An hour long PT session is around £30. If you are someone who needs the support of a coach you may be looking at 3-4-5 sessions a week which can become extremely costly. Online coaches are revolutionising personal training, we are there for you morning until night, not just while you are on the gym floor. You get absolutely mountains more for your money than a standard 1 hour PT slot.

My goal is to inspire you to reach yours.

I know from my own experience with training and nutrition how much BS is out there and how frustrating it can be navigating the abundance of misinformation. Every minute you spend of your time trawling the internet for answers on how to build more muscle, how to lose body fat, how to improve your physique without a well structured progressive plan backed by evidence and expertise is a total waste of your time and money.

If you add up all the hours you have spent in the gym, listening to podcasts, watching YouTube videos or the money you have spent on members sites, supplements, one-off diet and training plans it all adds up.
You could save your self 1000s in time and money by just investing in a coach that uses proven training and nutrition systems that get clients results and ultimately get you the results you deserve.

If you are ready to start your transformation, apply for my coaching now.


Allow me to coach and support you through your journey to achieving the results you deserve.


If not you then who? If not now then when? Be proactive and take action every single day striving to get better. A little progress is still progress.

Reach your goals

With hard work and the right guidance you can reach your goal and when you do don’t forget to share your successes and tag me so I can see your transformation.